Join us this afternoon!

Join us this afternoon, March 13th from 4-6 with the SWFL Romance Writers for wine, cheese and book chat! 

Southwest Florida Romance Writers (SWFRW) offers a unique anthology with eleven original stories. They each feature a gorgeous Southwest Florida sunset, pink flamingos in all forms, and romance. Enjoy enchanting tales about love, including old and new love, lost love, second chances, and even puppy love.

The Fishy Place by Karen Dean Benson
The Deathbed Promise by Karen Dean Benson
Fred—A Dog's Odyssey by Patricia Campbell
The Fundamental Things Apply by Allan Dyen-Shapiro
First Class All the Way by Sonja Gunter
Sunsets and Second Chances by M. A. Ellis
The Portrait Compiracy by M. L. Joy
Romantic Notions by Doris Lemcke
Love at First Flight by Mariah Lynne
Gulf Coast Heaven by A. Y. Stratton
Tickled Pink by Diana Welker

The characters range from a Spanish lady, rambunctious "Active Seniors", a lovesick flamingo, an international spy and everything in between. Read them all in one sitting or savor each one as a separate adventure in front of your own special sunset. Be ready to laugh, they will touch your heart and mist your eyes.