Rain, Rain Go Away...

Well, we can't walk the beach, but we sure can read!  Here's what the Mac staff is reading this weekend-

Lise is enjoying the Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende.

A multi-generational epic by the New York Times best-selling author of The House of the Spirits follows the impossible romance between a World War II escapee from the Nazis and a Japanese gardener's son, whose story is discovered decades later by a care worker who would come to terms with her past.  Buy Now

Rebecca is enjoying the Portable Veblen by Elizabeth McKenzie.

A young couple on the brink of marriage—the charming Veblen and her fiancé Paul, a brilliant neurologist—find their engagement in danger of collapse. Along the way they weather everything from each other’s dysfunctional families, to the attentions of a seductive pharmaceutical heiress, to an intimate tête-à-tête with a very charismatic squirrel.  Buy Now

Susie is enjoying Coconut Cowboy by Tim Dorsey.  Tim will be appearing at MacIntosh Monday, February 15th at 1.  If you are unable to make this event and would like a signed copy, please call 239.472.1447.

Floridaphile and serial killer Serge A. Storms embarks on a wild plan to finish the motorcycle journey of his Easy Rider heroes in the Florida panhandle, where Coleman and he encounter regional Americana and hyper-corrupt politicians.