Stephen Morrill was born into the Army, served there himself, and wandered the world for thirty years, living in twenty-one cities in six countries. Finally he settled, like a barnacle holding fast to a piling, in Florida.

“When it came time for me to pick a place to settle down, I wanted water activities and beaches,” Morrill says. “I also decided to live and work in a place everyone else dreams of retiring to. It’s a decision I’ve never regretted.”

Since then he has canoed and sailed almost every Florida waterway and SCUBA dived on almost every reef and wreck. He has been a reporter for a wire service, written several thousand magazine articles, edited several magazines, and written books including several Florida travel works.

“I suppose I’m a native now,” Morrill says. “As the locals like to say, ‘I have sand in my shoes'."

About Mangrove Bayou-

The town council of Mangrove Bayou hires Troy Adam, on probation, as their new police chief, mainly because there weren't any other serious candidates and despite the fact that Troy had just been fired from his previous police job. No sooner does he arrive than a prominent citizen is found dead. The medical examiner classifies this as an accident but Troy thinks it's murder. The town council doubts that Troy or his small department can handle the case but Troy carries on regardless. As a hurricane arrives, Troy and his small department deal with that homicide and other crimes. Life is never dull in Mangrove Bayou