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Meet George Wilgus

When a well-respected Princeton trial lawyer is compelled to defend a distinguished anesthesiologist accused of murdering her husband, he fails to grasp that the seeds of their mutual destruction, or salvation, already were embedded in earlier events over which they had no control. Seventy years of theft, greed, and deceit coalesce around the unsuspecting participants and unleash a cataclysm of grief, revenge, and personal destruction. What appears as reality only is a pretext for what lies ahead. Is the accused a victim of a monstrous pharmaceutical plot or a killer out for revenge? The specter of guilt works in uncontrollable ways. A photojournalist on assignment in Vienna may hold the answer if she lives to reveal it. A Munich art dealer with a long-buried secret from Nazi Germany can link the past to the present, if he risks his career and possibly his life. Only the trial holds the outcome, one which none of the numerous participants, nor those who orchestrated the unfolding events ever will forget. Laden with history, law, forensics, and courtroom psychology, The Gyroscope Of Guilt keeps you guessing until it’s riveting conclusion.

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Meet Charles Lebuff
Later Event: December 18
Meet Mary Beth Gonzalez