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Meet Lynne Wissink-Tressler March 31st

Crazy Bones! The Tale of a Waggy Tail is the story about a feisty puppy with a big attitude.  She was found after being abandoned in Hurricane Katrina, and then sent from one shelter to another until she was finally adopted by a middle age woman nearly 2,000 miles away in northern New England. As the story unfolds, the comical narrative of Crazy Bones reveals a sharp contrast between the two characters.  Lydia, the dog’s new owner, is methodical and regimented, doing everything the same, predictable way. Her heart had been closed for a long time. On the other hand, Crazy Bones is very adventurous, has an infectious spirit, and sees life with humor and keen insight.  The two characters try to figure each other out as they swim in the Atlantic Ocean, walk through deep snow in the woods, share yogurt, travel together, and run in the dark. Amusing observations made by Crazy Bones keep the reader entertained from beginning to end as she opened Lydia's heart once again. 

Dr.Lynne Wissink-Tressler is a retired professor who advocates for rescued animals and is a supporter of local animal shelters and rescue efforts. She resides in Southwest Florida with her husband, Ernie, and their two dogs, Scooty and Crazy Bones.